Valentine's Day 12x12 Sampler 2021

I had a lot of fun this morning putting this sampler together. I was looking for decorations for my desk at work and decided I w...

Color Wheel

Today I am going to give you some basics on color and the color wheel.  I love color and love the sense it makes when you really look at it. I especially love putting things in color order when I can.  It's super-nerdy, but it's fun! 

Primary Colors:
  • All color you see is based off of only THREE main colors:  Red, Blue and Yellow
Primary colors:  Red, Blue and Yellow
Crazy right? 

Secondary Colors:

From these primary colors comes our secondary colors:  Orange, Purple (Violet) and Green.  
  • Red + Blue = Purple (Violet)
  • Blue + Yellow = Green
  • Yellow + Red = Orange
Secondary Colors: Purple (Violet), Green and Orange
  • When you begin to mix the primary colors with the secondary colors you get tertiary colors.  You start getting colors such as Blue-Green or Red-Orange or Yellow-Green.  
Tints, Shades and Tones:  
  • Tint:  Adding White to any color  (Example:  Red + White = Pink)
  • Shade: Adding Black to any color (Example: Red + Black = Maroon)
  • Tone: Adding Grey to any color (Example: Red + Grey = Cherry Cobbler perhaps?)

Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Tints and Shades
Now here is the fun part:  Making a card based on the color wheel!

How to pick your color scheme: 
  • Monochromatic:  Using variations of the same color in your card (Example: Blue, Light Blue and Dark Blue or Red, Pink and Dark Red)
  • Complementary:  Using the color directly across the wheel (Example: Red and Green or Blue and Orange or Yellow and Purple)
  • Analogous:  Using colors that are next to each other the the wheel (Example: Blue and Green or Orange and Yellow)
  • Triadic:  Using colors that are equally spaced apart around the wheel (Example: Red, Blue and Yellow or Orange, Purple and Green

You'll also notice on my wheel, that I have indicated Warm and Cool Colors.  
  • Red, Orange and Yellow are warm colors.  Think of fire, summer and warmth.  
  • Blue, Green and Purple are cool colors.  Think of winter, water and frosty things. 

So, play with color!  Make your own color wheel of Stampin' Up! colors and don't be afraid to mix families and be bold!  Dump out a box of crayons and put them in color-order... start with red and end with purple (put it in a circle) and LOOK at the colors you can get by mixing just a few colors!  Be a kid and play with paint and HAVE FUN!

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