I'm back!!

Good afternoon!

2014 was a busy, crazy year!  So many changes in my life and Stampin' Up! had to take the back burner.  Now that things have settled, I will be easing back into the swing of things.  Posting to my blog frequently and starting up classes again are first on the list!

I am now working a graveyard shift and on my days off, I have LOTS of hours to myself while the family sleeps... it's hard to switch to a normal schedule on my 3 days off, so I keep my schedule, and I get REALLY bored at night...Time to STAMP again!  I can only watch so much tv or browse Pinterest for so long... and Facebook never updates that time of night - NO ONE IS AWAKE!  haha!
So it's back to Stampin!

I am also in the process of opening up an Etsy shop for all my cards and project I have created.
AND, my number one goal:  To send the cards I make!!  Such a strange thing to make so many beautiful things and then for them to get put into a box and never see the light of day again.
So bear with me for the next couple weeks while things get up and going again... I CAN'T WAIT!

Happy Stampin'!

How about that picture? ! It's like my birthday everytime I get a box from Stampin' Up!

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