Artisan Design Team 2012

Every year, Stampin' Up! Demonstrators have a chance to enter to be a part of a coveted team:  the Artisan Design Team.  For a one-year term, these 10 Demonstrators will be sent Stampin' Up! product to come up with ideas to show off on their blog and in magazines.

I decided this year to try it out.  The challenge:  Create 5 handmade cards, 3 scrapbook pages and 2 3-D items.  I cannot show what I entered, but they are in this room somewhere!

They were supposed to have 20 finalists picked by the 15th, and when I didn't receive a phone call yesterday, I sadly figured that I wasn't part of the 20.  But then, on Facebook, Stampin' up! posted that there was a delay min the judging and the winners will be notified by next week instead!  Oh the pins and needles continue and my hope is renewed!  From the 20 finalists, there will be another judging and the group will be composed of 10 super-talented Demonstrators who get to play for the next year with amazing Stampin' Up! product providing inspiration for all!

Fingers crossed!
My entries are in this sea of talent somewhere!

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  1. Said a lil prayer for you.... Love that song and you! Can't wait! If not this year, next baby!! Xoxox