Unexpected Email

I received the COOLEST email this morning.  At first though, I almost deleted it because it wasn't from someone I knew... But fate interfered and instead of deleting it, it opened up on accident.  So, since it was already open, I read through it and it just made my day!  I am SO glad it didn't get deleted!

This is what it said:


I wanted to thank you for your beautiful stamped card that you made for the troops.  I am the recipient of one and was happy to have your email to thank you. I especially like cards and writing my loved ones back
home.  I stamp when I am at home too.  People like you brighten our days out here.  Thank you and those like you!

God Bless,

Risa C. Riepma, Maj, USAF, BSC
Nut Med Flight Commander
Craig Joint Theater Hospital
Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan


What an amazing way to start my day!  I'm so flattered that she took the time to let me know she received one of my cards!  This is the type of thing that inspires me to continue what I do!  Amazing!

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  1. Wow Sarah!! That must feel amazing! I love to think that even something as small as making a card can actually have a bigger impact than expected!

    Great Job!