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Color Wheel

Today I am going to give you some basics on color and the color wheel.  I love color and love the sense it makes when you really look at it. I especially love putting things in color order when I can.  It's super-nerdy, but it's fun! 
Primary Colors: All color you see is based off of only THREE main colors:  Red, Blue and Yellow.  Crazy right? 
Secondary Colors:
From these primary colors comes our secondary colors:  Orange, Purple (Violet) and Green.   Red + Blue = Purple (Violet)Blue + Yellow = GreenYellow + Red = Orange When you begin to mix the primary colors with the secondary colors you get tertiary colors.  You start getting colors such as Blue-Green or Red-Orange or Yellow-Green.   Tints, Shades and Tones:   Tint:  Adding White to any color  (Example:  Red + White = Pink)Shade: Adding Black to any color (Example: Red + Black = Maroon)Tone: Adding Grey to any color (Example: Red + Grey = Cherry Cobbler perhaps?)
Now here is the fun part:  Making a card based on the color wheel!

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